SWID System Utility

SWID is part of a new program called HP Software Gateway, and is available as a stand-alone utility. HP Software Gateway represents a group of related software distribution services and products. The purpose of SWID is to provide unique identification of all files distributed by HP.

This unique identifier is known as the "fingerprint" of the file. This fingerprint is used to perform software inventory, software version analysis, and software delivery.

SWID supercedes the VPROC utility. (Please refer to the Gazette section on BINDER Subsystem)

  $SYSTEM SYSTEM 16> SWID $SYSTEM.SYS01.PEEK   SoftWare Identification Utility  T9298AAH  (05DEC97) System \MEXICO   Copyright Tandem Computers Incorporated 1991-1997   16Jun 3 14:44:54 (Switches: None)   $SYSTEM.SYS01   Code Original fpts        Current fpts Mismatch   PEEK    700 64bb-8ebf-6589-d292  64bb-8ebf-6589-d292 No  

The phrase "fingerprint of a file" means a context-free and content-dependent attribute of the file that can be computed by reading the contents of the file such that:

Two identical copies of a file must yield the same fingerprint regardless of the context (for example, filename, location, ownership, creation time, and last- modified time).

Two files with different contents should not yield the same fingerprint. A fingerprint is displayed as a character string of fixed length (16 hex characters ). Internally, a fingerprint is stored as a 96-bit number of which 32 bits are used for version and other reserved information, and the other 64 bits are used to store the fingerprint string. SWID reports two types of fingerprints , "Current" and "Original".

The unique fingerprint generated by SWID can form a basis for change management by other software products.

RISK SWID is a reporting program only and does not pose any risks.

Securing SWID

BP-FILE-SWID-01 SWID should be secured "UUNU".

BP-OPSYS-OWNER-02 SWID should be owned by SUPER.SUPER.


Discovery Questions

Look here:


Who owns the SWID object file?



Is the SWID object file secured correctly?


HP NonStop Server Security 2004
HP NonStop Server Security 2004
ISBN: 159059035X
Year: 2004
Pages: 157

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