Litmus Test for Leaders

Litmus Test for Leaders

Are there any tools leaders can use to test their personal proficiency at managing top-team conflict? Over the years , we have put together a set of questions designed to help leaders assess how well their actions support the evolution of a high-performance team and minimize conflict. Ask yourself:

Have I, as a leader, ensured that...

  • The missions and goals of the team are clear to all members ?

  • The team has the correct playersthose who are both technically and functionally competent and possess the ability and willingness to do their job?

  • Roles and points of intersection/turf are clear to all members of the team?

  • Team members are committed to a winning team instead of to their own parochial/functional self-interest?

  • The decision-making/leadership approach that the team employs is understood and accepted by all team members?

  • Every team member feels a sense of ownership/accountability for the business results that the team creates?

  • All team members are comfortable dealing with conflict in the team?

  • The team is willing to periodically self-assess its progress as a group , focusing on how well they handle conflict situations?

  • Constructive feedback to team members is always provided at an appropriate time and place and in an appropriate manner?

  • Two-way feedback is promotedand listened to?

  • Good conflict-management behavior and skillsopenness, candor, depersonalization, active listening, and situational leadership stylesare part of my leadership repertoire .

When Goliaths Clash. Managing Executive Conflict to Build a More Dynamic Organization
When Goliaths Clash: Managing Executive Conflict to Build a More Dynamic Organization
ISBN: 0615198686
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Year: 2002
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