Site-Management Improvements

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In the world of site management, the big news is Contribute. Macromedia's new program Contribute lets regular folk who aren't web designers easily update content in prebuilt template pages created in Dreamweaver. Site-definition options in Dreamweaver MX 2004 include the capability to manage a Contribute site, coordinating with Contribute users for optimal site-updating efficiency. Secure FTP (SFTP) connections are now supported for defining remote sites and testing servers.

Life without a site is also easier, for those times when you just want to get a quick job done without having to define a site (see Figure 1.18). Just choose Computer, Desktop, or one of the nonsite items instead of a defined site, and start working. No longer will Dreamweaver prompt you to move your images to the nearest local root folder or insist on writing absolute file paths because you're not inside that folder. And for uploading, server connections can also be defined independently of site definitions.

Figure 1.18. The siteless Site panel and Server Configuration dialog box, for working without a site.

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