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Many good resources for PHP are available. Here are a few that are of great value. You might find that these lead you to other resources that will make your PHP coding easier and more powerful.

  • ( The official PHP website. Here you can access the latest downloads, look up information on add-on products, and get technical help in setup and usage. You'll find lists of PHP- related events around the world and the latest news on the various projects.

    If you are looking for the latest version of PHP, you can find it here under the Downloads link. Sometimes beta versions are available. You want to always download the latest production version of PHP, for production and stability.

  • MySQL ( The source for MySQL database. Here you'll find the latest versions, support, and purchase options for different licenses.

  • Macromedia Exchange ( The place to check for the latest extensions from around the community. Many extensions exist for adding functionality to Dreamweaver, and many are for the PHP server model.

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