Chapter 17. Local Site Management

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How Dreamweaver Handles Local Sites


Defining a Local Site


Managing Sites


Working in the Site Panel


File and Link Management Within a Site


Assets Management with the Assets Panel


Working Without a Site




No web page is an island. In web development, each document that you work on exists as part of a collective. In that collective might be linked pages, images, multimedia files, and other resource files. All of these parts must be tracked, uploaded, and maintained as a unit. Managing all of those files can be a daunting task. Exactly which files need to be part of the website? How should they be organized into directories and sub-directories? What colors are to be used site-wide? What about external style sheets or script documents? What if you decide halfway through building the site that you really should have been more consistent in naming your pages, or that you want your images in their own folder? You can't even think of uploading your site to a web server and sharing it with the world until you have these management concerns taken care of.

Luckily for those of us who are more creative than organized, Dreamweaver MX 2004 offers a whole set of easy-to-use, powerful tools to make local site management a breeze , from link checking to doing site-wide searches and diagnostic tools, to keeping track of files for you. Dreamweaver will even help you visualize your site's logical structure as you build it. Is it magic? No, it's just good organization.

This chapter discusses the process of defining a local site in Dreamweaver, how to work with the Site panel, and Dreamweaver tools available for file and asset management.

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