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A worksheet is the object into which you enter (and store) data and formulas. The module also tests your ability to perform basic worksheet operations.

Handling Worksheets

Sometimes you need to work with entire worksheets, rather than single cells . In this section, you'll learn how to perform basic worksheet operations: inserting, renaming, deleting, copying, and moving worksheets.

Inserting Worksheets

Insert a new worksheet.

Although the default Excel spreadsheet has three worksheets, you're not limited to that number. To add a new worksheet, select Worksheet from the Insert menu. You can also right-click on any existing worksheet tab and select Insert. In this case, the Insert dialog box, shown in Figure 5.14, appears. Select Worksheet and click OK to insert the new worksheet.

Figure 5.14. The Insert dialog box.

Renaming Worksheets

Rename a worksheet.

You're not required to use the default worksheet names of Sheet1, Sheet2, and so on. In fact, it's better to rename your worksheets to indicate their actual usage. A spreadsheet that you use for budgeting, for example, might contain worksheets named Projected, Actual, and Variance.

To rename a worksheet, Select Format, Sheet, Rename or right-click on the worksheet tab and select Rename. Either way, you can type a new name directly on the worksheet tab. Click anywhere in the worksheet or press the Enter key when you're done.

Deleting Worksheets

Delete a worksheet.

Sometimes you might decide that you no longer need a worksheet in a particular spreadsheet. To delete a worksheet, select Delete Sheet from the Edit menu or right-click on the worksheet tab and select Delete. In either case, Excel presents a warning message. Click OK to delete the worksheet or Cancel to return to the spreadsheet without deleting the worksheet.

Copying and Moving Worksheets

Duplicate a worksheet within a spreadsheet, between open spreadsheets.

Move a worksheet within a spreadsheet, between open spreadsheets.

You can also copy and move worksheets. To begin, select Move or Copy Sheet from the Edit menu or right-click on the worksheet tab and select Move or Copy. This action opens the Move or Copy dialog box, shown in Figure 5.15. Select the spreadsheet and position where you want the worksheet to end up. To copy the worksheet, check the Create a Copy check box. To move the worksheet (removing it from its current location), clear this check box. Click OK to perform the operation. You can use the same technique whether you are moving or copying the worksheet within a spreadsheet or to an entirely different spreadsheet.

Figure 5.15. The Move or Copy dialog box.

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