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As usual, thanks to the editorial team of Jeff Riley and Steve Rowe for getting this one off the ground. We'd also like to thank our technical editor, Dana Jones, as well as Tricia Liebig, Kris Simmons, Suzanne Thomas, and Chris Barrick for further editorial help. And thanks to the production staff as well: Michelle Mitchell, who worked hard behind the scenes to complete the process of turning our thoughts into a book. Special thanks to Pamalee Nelson for all her work in keeping things running on the paperwork side of the house.

We'd also like to thank Doug Wilmsmeyer from ICDL US for answering our questions and providing access to further information about the ICDL.

Susan would like to thank Mike for sharing the project and her family for being willing to be a tad poorer so she can be a tad happier .

And Mike would like to thank his wonderful wife Dana and his two-going-on-three kids for allowing him to have the space and time to write books, while still providing enough smiles and good times to make the job worthwhile.

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ICDL Exam Cram 2
ICDL Exam Cram 2
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