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It's never possible to thank everyone who contributed to a book in some way, but it's always fun to try. I'd like to start with Robert Shimonski, who first put me in touch with Que when this project was still being hatched. From there, it's been a treat to work with the editorial staff at Que, including Jeff Riley, Steve Rowe, and Tonya Simpson, who helped turn a mass of manuscript into a book. Thanks also to the technical editors, Ken Cox and Greg Guntle, who pointed out all the spots where things could be better. Of course, if any errors slipped through, they're entirely my fault.

Of course no book ever happens without a production staff. I'm happy that Rhonda Tinch-Mize, Kelly Castell, Juli Cook, and Cheryl Lynch were working behind the scenes to take the final manuscript and put it between covers and on the shelf.

I've benefited over the years from many people in the wider development community. The editorial staff at MCP Magazine , including Dian Schaffhauser, Keith Ward, Michael Domingo, Becky Nagel, and Kris McCarthy, have helped me stay in touch with certification issues, and were very understanding when I trimmed my magazine duties to be able to tackle this project. Various writers for Hardcore Web Services, including Bill Sempf, Justin Rudd, and Chandu Thota, helped polish my understanding of that corner of .NET.

Although his name isn't on the cover, in many ways Amit Kalani is a coauthor of the book you're holding now. Amit wrote the C# version of this book, and generously shared chapter drafts with me as both projects moved forward. This book benefited immensely from his insights into .NET. An added bonus for me was the chance to see step by step how C# handles some of the same topics tackled in this book.

And of course, there's my family, helping me write and reminding me why I bother. Dana understands what a partnership a marriage is, and always supports me no matter what. From the little things to the big ones, I couldn't do it without her. Adam continues to make parenting an entertaining and challenging adventure, and now he's starting to explore the Web on his own computer. And Kayla is sitting up in my lap watching me type this and keeping my tummy warm. Such things should not be taken lightly.

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MCAD. MCSD Training Guide (Exam 70-310. Developing XML Web Services and Server Components with Visual Basic. NET and the. NET Framework)
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