Several people took the time to look at draft manuscripts of this book, and we would like to pass on our grateful acknowledgments to them, without suggesting that they share any responsibility for our book's flaws or views.

To Judy Bowman, author of Practical SQL: The Sequel , for insights about Sybase and an eye for jarring phrases.

To Keith Hare, member of the ANSI SQL standards committee, for identifying several technical mistakes.

To Dan Hotka and Chuck Kosin, for their helpful and encouraging comments.

To Craig Mullins, author of DB2 Developer's Guide , for explaining as only he can what IBM DB2 really does.

To Alexander Tarasul, who gave us the viewpoint of a veteran who has consulted for many database projects.

To Mika Wendelius, Oracle whiz, for taking the time and patience to show us in person some surprises that only a true Oracle expert can know.

And to Martti Laiho, Senior Lecturer in Data Management at Helsinki Business Polytechnic, not only for his long hours doing multiple reviews, but for giving us a chance to test our ideas in front of a live audience.


SQL Performance Tuning
SQL Performance Tuning
ISBN: 0201791692
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2005
Pages: 125

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