TAB files, locating, Completing the Configuration of the MSMQ-MQSeries Bridge
shared database samples, Creating a Sample Database Table
target namespaces, shared proxy file, Using the Same Proxy File
TCF object, Using JMSAdmin to Configure JNDI
TCP/IP channels, Configuring the MSMQ-MQSeries Bridge
Technical Model, Exploring the UDDI Registry
technology map, Microsoft.NET and J2EE Technology Map
technology-aligned development
overview, Technology-Aligned Development
terminating applications, preventing, The .NET Server Sample Code
test harnesses, Data Exchange Recommendations
Web services, Define Data Types First
test messages, WebSphere MQ, Configuring WebSphere MQ, WebSphere MQ Support for Java, WebSphere MQ Support for .NET, Using JMS to Access WebSphere MQ Queues, Running the Sample
test registries, UDDI, UDDI Registries
BizTalk orchestration, Testing the Orchestration
EJB Web services deployment, Testing the Deployment
MSMQ to WebSphere MQ connectivity, Testing MSMQ to WebSphere MQ Connectivity
MSMQ-MQSeries bridge setup, Testing the MSMQ-MQSeries Bridge Setup, Testing the Bridge with Previous Code Samples
shared session state deployment, Testing the Deployment
shared session state performance, Interoperability Performance TestShared Session State
Web service creation, routing, Setting Up the .NET Web Service
Web services performance, Interoperability Performance Test
Web services security, Rebuilding the Clients, Testing Unauthorized Clients
WebSphere MQ to MSMQ connectivity, Testing WebSphere MQ to MSMQ Connectivity
testing data types, Data Exchange Recommendations
testing interoperability performance
.NET vs. Java, Why Are All the Performance Tests in .NET and Not Java?
accuracy, How Do You Ensure Accuracy of the Tests?
how tests work, How Do the Tests Work?
overview, Introducing the Interoperability Performance Tests
System.DateTime, Why Not Use System.DateTime and System.TimeSpan ?
System.TimeSpan, Why Not Use System.DateTime and System.TimeSpan ?
XML parsing, Interoperability Performance TestXML Parsing
XML serialization, Interoperability Performance TestXML Serialization
testing Web services
.NET, Testing the .NET Web Service
text editor
XSDs and, Creating an XSD
TextMessage message type, JMS Message Types and Concepts
third-party products
samples, Third-Party Products, Downloading an evaluation
tiers, technology-aligned development, Technology-Aligned Development
time interval to return call results, The Sample Code
Time to Live (TTL), WS-Referral
TimeElapsed method, How Do You Ensure Accuracy of the Tests?
timestamp headers, Running the .NET Client
timestamps, Deciding Where to Store the Shared Session Data
TME (The Mind Electric), TME GLUE 4.0.1 and Electric XML, The Web Services Landscape
tModel, Exploring the UDDI Registry
Tokens class, How the Samples Work
tokens, WS-Security, WS-Security, Other Methods of Authentication
Ja.NET, Ja.NET Tools
TopicConnectionFactory object, Using JMSAdmin to Configure JNDI
routing, verifying, Running the .NET Client
tracing, MSMQ-MQSeries bridge, Testing WebSphere MQ to MSMQ Connectivity
transactional pipes, MSMQ-MQSeries bridge, Configuring the MSMQ-MQSeries Bridge
transactional queues, Transactions, Looking ahead to WS-Transaction
transactional queues, MSMQ-MQSeries bridge, Creating the MSMQ Queues
BizTalk, Enabling Transactions
business tier components , Transactional Issues
MSMQ Web service, Transactions, Looking ahead to WS-Transaction
transforms, BizTalk Server, The Stock Processes Orchestration: Step by Step
transmission queues
WebSphere MQ queue creation, Creating the Queues in WebSphere MQ
WebSphere MQ server configuration, Configuring the WebSphere MQ Server
Web services, What Is an XML Web Service?
transport-based security, The Need for WS-Security
triggers, message queuing, Installing MSMQ on Windows Server 2003
true callbacks
MSMQ, True Callback
try...catch block, WebSphere MQ Support for Java
try...catch blocks, Transactions
TTL (Time To Live), WS-Referral
two-way file exchanges, Two-Way File Operations
type compatibility
XML serialization, Using XML Serialization and Ensuring Type Compatibility
type generation
from XSDs, Generating Types from an XSD, Generating a class in Java from the XSD
type mappings
.NET vs. Java, Type Mappings
XSD vs. .NET vs. Electric XML, XSD Type Mapping

Microsoft. NET and J2EE Interoperability Toolkit
Microsoft .NET and J2EE Interoperability Toolkit (Pro-Developer)
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