Action 6: Motivate

Action #6: Motivate

When filling in a leadership position, many project managers assume they must control everything. In addition, they think that means speaking softly (sometimes loudly) and carrying a big stick. While that approach may work in diplomacy , the general result is that it spells "trouble" for projects. A more effective approach is to motivate people positively, which is embraced by just about all leadership theories . Kouzes, Posner, Bennis, Nanus, Bradford, Cohen, and Pinto ” just to name a few ” all have uncovered this insight.

Yet, for some strange reason, many project managers exhibit a desire to dominate, to control negatively, to "slash and burn" their members and other stakeholders. This behavior can produce cataclysmic results, such as high turnover , shoddy workmanship, and overall poor performance.

Leading High Performance Projects
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