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MDA Explained: The Model Driven Architecture : Practice and Promise
By Anneke  Kleppe, Jos  Warmer, Wim  Bast
Publisher : Addison Wesley
Pub Date : April 21, 2003
ISBN : 0-321-19442-X
Pages : 192
      The Addison-Wesley Object Technology Series
      The Component Software Series
        Who Should Read This Book
        How This Book Should Be Used
        Typeface Conventions
        Information on Related Subjects
        Book Support and Example Implementation
      Chapter 1.   The MDA Development Process
        Section 1.1.   Traditional Software Development
        Section 1.2.   The Model Driven Architecture
        Section 1.3.   MDA Benefits
        Section 1.4.   MDA Building Blocks
        Section 1.5.   Summary
      Chapter 2.   The MDA Framework
        Section 2.1.   What Is a Model?
        Section 2.2.   Types of Models
        Section 2.3.   What is a Transformation?
        Section 2.4.   The Basic MDA Framework
        Section 2.5.   Examples
        Section 2.6.   Summary
      Chapter 3.   MDA Today
        Section 3.1.   OMG Standards
        Section 3.2.   UML as PIM Language
        Section 3.3.   Tools
        Section 3.4.   Development Processes
        Section 3.5.   Summary
      Chapter 4.   Rosa's Application of MDA
        Section 4.1.   Rosa's Breakfast Service
        Section 4.2.   Applying the MDA Framework
        Section 4.3.   The PIM in Detail
        Section 4.4.   Summary
      Chapter 5.   Rosa's PIM to Three PSMs
        Section 5.1.   The PIM to Relational Transformation
        Section 5.2.   The PIM to EJB Transformation
        Section 5.3.   The PIM to Web Transformation
        Section 5.4.   The Communication Bridges
        Section 5.5.   Summary
      Chapter 6.   Rosa's PSMs to Code
        Section 6.1.   Relational Model to Code Transformation
        Section 6.2.   EJB Model to Code Transformation
        Section 6.3.   The Web Model to Code Transformation
        Section 6.4.   Summary
      Chapter 7.   More on Transformations
        Section 7.1.   Desired Features of Transformations
        Section 7.2.   Controlling and Tuning Transformations
        Section 7.3.   Traceability
        Section 7.4.   Incremental Consistency
        Section 7.5.   Bidirectionality
        Section 7.6.   Implications on Transformations
        Section 7.7.   Summary
      Chapter 8.   Metamodeling
        Section 8.1.   Introduction to Metamodeling
        Section 8.2.   The Four Modeling Layers of the OMG
        Section 8.3.   The Use of Metamodeling in the MDA
        Section 8.4.   Summary
      Chapter 9.   Defining Your Own Transformations
        Section 9.1.   Transformations Definitions Revisited
        Section 9.2.   The Transformation Definition Language
        Section 9.3.   Example Transformation Definitions
        Section 9.4.   The Complete MDA Framework
        Section 9.5.   Summary
      Chapter 10.   Rosa's Transformation Definitions
        Section 10.1.   The UML to Relational Mapping
        Section 10.2.   The UML to EJB Mapping
        Section 10.3.   The UML to Web Mapping
        Section 10.4.   Summary
      Chapter 11.   OMG Standards and Additional Technologies
        Section 11.1.   Introduction
        Section 11.2.   The MOF
        Section 11.3.   Query, Views, and Transformations
        Section 11.4.   UML
        Section 11.5.   OCL
        Section 11.6.   The UML Action Semantics
        Section 11.7.   CWM
        Section 11.8.   UML Profiles
        Section 11.9.   Summary
      Chapter 12.   The MDA Promise
        Section 12.1.   The MDA Paradigm Shift
        Section 12.2.   The Development Process
        Section 12.3.   The Tools
        Section 12.4.   The Modeling Languages
        Section 12.5.   Summary
      Appendix A.   Glossary
      Appendix B.   The Code for Rosa's System
        Section B.1.   The SQL Code for Rosa's System
        Section B.2.   The EJB Code for Rosa's System
        Section B.3.   The JSP Code for Rosa's System

MDA Explained. The Model Driven Architecture(c) Practice and Promise 2003
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