Other Tools and Activities

Shared experiences and communication are critical components in building morale , pride , and spirit. Here are additional ideas:

  • By consensus, the team could select a logo, motto, colors, and mascot. T-shirts, golf shirts, jackets, ball caps, pins, patches, and decals could be obtained.

  • Having a conference room or other reasonably sized room that could be utilized as the teams room can be very effective. Such a room provides a high degree of continuity for the team. The room could be given a name consistent with the teams logo and motto. It could include a gallery of photos of former team members, a case for team awards or recognition items, framed news articles that talk about the team and its successes, a photo album of team activities and social events, a display of team product items, a wall museum, and any other items that are historically relevant, were involved in creating the teams culture, or are considered sacred relics by the team members . Other items could be placed on the walls that would promote connection and continuity. These might consist of pictures of team activities, applicable motivational posters or quotes, and any other symbols of team achievement. The room could have the appropriate audiovisual equipment so that it could also be used for training and briefing VIPs and other visitors . It could also be used for social activities such as Friday noon pizza, Monday morning doughnuts, potluck lunches, afternoon popcorn breaks, and so on. It is always a good idea to have a camera available for these activities.

  • The team could have a tasteful and socially appropriate initiation ceremony for new members. This should not, under any circumstances, include hazing or any other sort of harassment .

  • The team could publish a yearbook capturing the successes, activities, and highlights of the team each year.

For the Practicing Manager. Building Your Team's Morale, Pride and Spirit
For the Practicing Manager. Building Your Team's Morale, Pride and Spirit
ISBN: 1882197860
Year: 2003
Pages: 16

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