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Although ASP.NET Cookbook's coverage is wide- ranging , there are many topics that we do not cover. For instance, we won't teach you the basics of XML. (There are many other books that do a fine job of it, including O'Reilly's XML in a Nutshell.) Rather, we assume that you already know the basics of XML, because we use it in many examples throughout the book. Likewise, we apply a similar standard when discussing the fundamentals of object-oriented development and other base-level programming topics.

In a similar vein, we deliberately avoid topics that are interesting but not all that useful in solving day-to-day development problems. For example, Passport authentication is a topic we left out. Although interesting, the use of Passport authentication is not yet widespread, something that will possibly change in the months ahead. Indeed, we have cast away more ideas than we can name , because they seemed somehow "off target" for our audience.

It should also be mentioned that there are many .NET- related topics that are interesting from a programmer's point of view but simply not pertinent to ASP.NET. For instance, working with the .NET process model is a career topic, but a programmer's ability to control it through ASP.NET is limited. As a practical matter, topics of this kind didn't make the cut.

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