exception-handling block in, 83

modifying tracking profiles with, 180–181

tracking profile in, 176–177

web resource for, 25

CallExternalMethod activity

selecting .NET interfaces for, 87–88

using, 126

using with ASP.NET page flow engine, 324

CallExternalMethod communication activity, using, 107–110

Cancellation & Error report

tabs in, 368

troubleshooting workflows with, 392

cancellation handlers, using, 82, 302

CardSpace, role in .NET Framework 3.0, 14

catch blocks, relationship to fault handlers, 300

CDATA block, using with XAML workflow, 63

chaining options for rules

explicit chaining, 234

full chaining, 229–234

sequential (nonchained) chaining, 234

CheckQueue method, using with e-mail activity, 217

/checktypes[+|-] option in wcf.exe, description of, 49

child activity

allowing execution of, 138

creating instances of, 137

Choose Toolbox Items dialog box, tabs in, 79

class metadata workflow code sample, 63


creating for activities, 152–153

splitting in code-beside model, 64–65

CLR (Common Language Runtime), relationship to WorkflowRuntime class, 92

Code activity.

See also activities

adding to web service called inside workflow, 338–339

placing in ifElseBranchActivity2 branch, 29

renaming in HelloWorld, 23, 29

using, 126–127

using in code-only workflow, 65–66

code conditions

advantage of rules over, 227

relationship to rules, 222

using with activities, 226–227

code listings.

See also syntax

activity (HelloWorldActivity), 144

Activity class, 36–38

activity designer custom theme class, 150–151

ActivityExecutionContext class metadata, 206

ASP.NET web service, 345–346

batch service class customization, 190

binding for activity property, 148

BizTalk schema map, 55

Boolean expression added to HaveFirstName method, 28–29

CallExternalMethod activity syntax, 126

class metadata workflow, 63

code conditions, 222

CodeActivity instance for dynamic update, 277

code-behind for communication service, 122

code-beside class for ASP.NET page flow engine, 330

code-only workflow, 65–66

college application communication service workflow, 114–115

communication contract, 350–351

communication contract implemented as .NET interface, 112

communication interface for correlation, 121

communication plumbing for page flow engine, 324

communication service, 113

communication service for page flow engine, 326

communication service implementation, 121–122

CompensatableSequence activity syntax, 127

CompensatableTransactionScope activity, 128–129

Compensate activity syntax, 127

CompensationHandler activity syntax, 127

CompiledAssembly property, 71

CreateWorkflow method used with rules, 247–248

CreateWorkflow method with Type instance, 94

data event arguments class for college application communication service, 112–113

database created for tracking service, 182

debugging workflows, 307–308

declarative rule conditions, 223


dependency properties, 147

DesignSerializer attribute, 68

Dictionary<string, object> collection for HelloWorld, 26

dynamic update from within workflow, 276

e-mail activity, 214–215, 216–217

EmailTrackingChannel class, 200–201

endpoint in App.config or Web.config file, 348

EnrollmentApproved, 116–117

EnrollmentRejected event and wca.exe, 118–119

EnsureSaved method for workflow designer hosting, 286

event handler for workflow designer hosting, 286–287

exception handler, 296

exception throwing, 295

exception-handling block in C#, 83

Execute method of WaitForEmailActivity, 217–218

explicit chaining, 233–234

ExternalDataEventArgs class, 105–106

ExternalDataExchangeAttribute, 105

ExternalDataExchangeService instance with AddService method, 104

feature.xml file for SharePoint, 380–381

file persistence service, 191–196

FileWorkflowPersistenceService, 191–197

ForEachActivity class, 207–209

full chaining options for rules, 229

GetAllServices method, 95

GetService method used with runtime service, 95

GetWorkflowDefinition method of WorkflowInstance class, 274

Global.asax with Application_Start and Application_End event handlers, 321

HelloWorld with comment, 30

HelloWorldActivity, 144

hosting workflow designer Windows Forms fields and constructor, 283–284

IEventActivity interface, 211

IfElse activity method, 28

InitializeComponent method generated by workf-low compiler, 64

Initialized event for Replicator activity, 385

install.bat file added to SharePoint for Visual Basic, 382–383

InvokeWorkflowActivity instance for dynamic update, 274–275

IWebService interface, 341

layout data loaded from filesystem, 292

ListView control for workflow designer hosting, 284–285

local communication via .NET interface, 40

ManualWorkflowSchedulerService, 166, 320

message in console for HelloWorld, 26

message retrieved from dictionary, 26

MethodInvoking event handler, 385

MyActivityToolboxItem class, 154–155

MyWorkflow class and x:Class attribute, 65

.NET code behind workflow, 21–22

parameters for workflow communication, 102–103

partial keyword, 65

PatientRecord class for web service, 336

PendingWorkItem class, 196–197

PersistOnClose attribute, 172

Program.cs file for HelloWorld project, 24–25

property promotion for DependencyProperty, 109

RemoveService method for workflow runtime, 95

RequestEnrollmentStatus class, 115–116

rule sets, 224

RuleConditionDialog UI, 237

RuleDefinitions object serialization, 242–244

RuleInvoke chaining, 233

RuleRead chaining, 231

rules updated dynamically, 248–249

rules XML file for FreeShipping rule, 45–46

RuleSetDialog class, 238

RuleWrite chaining, 231–232

runtime classes enabled in host application, 94

runtime event handling, 97–98

save and close methods for workflow designer hosting, 287

scheduler for web service, 343

serialization, 66–67

shopping cart workflow application, 264–265

shopping cart workflow Windows Forms application, 266–270

SQL tracking query, 185

SQL tracking service added to workflow runtime, 51

SqlWorkflowPersistenceService, 171

state-machine workflow, 290–291

StateMachineWorkflowInstance class, 260

TerminationTrackingService, 188

ThankYou.aspx for ASP.NET page flow engine, 330

throwing faults, 303


ToolboxItemAttribute for college application communication service, 115–116

trace sources, 312

trace switch, 310

tracing, 308

tracking profile in C#, 176–177

tracking profile in XML, 42, 177–178

tracking profile serialization, 178

tracking query, 185

tracking service instance of service class, 183

TrackingService, 198–200

TransactionScope activity, 128–129

UpdateTrackingProfile procedure, 184

WaitForEmailService, 213–214

wca.exe data-exchange service, 117–119

WCF service contract, 347

web service called inside workflow, 335

Web.config file for WorkflowRuntime class, 322

WebServiceInputActivity class, 152

wfc.exe compiler, 68–69

work batch service, 166–167

workflow communication contract, 350

workflow compilation with wfc.exe, 68

workflow definition class for workflow communication, 103

workflow host code for communication service, 123

workflow host for college application communication service, 111–112

workflow host for faults, 297–298

workflow loader service, 202

workflow queue, 212

workflow runtime for web service, 344

workflow runtime service class customization, 203

workflow with code, 9

Workflow1.designer.cs file contents, 73–74

WorkflowCompiler class, 70

WorkflowCompleted event handler, 345

WorkflowDesignerLoader class in designer API, 279–280

WorkflowHelper class, 329

WorkflowHelper class for page flow engine, 326–328

WorkflowHostService, 352–353

WorkflowQueue class, 211

WorkflowRuntime class reference, 92

WorkflowSchedulerService, 190

workflow.xml file for SharePoint, 381

WriteFileActivity class, 153–154

WriteFileActivityDesigner class implementation, 155–156

WriteFileActivityDesigner class skeleton, 155

WriteFileActivityDesignerTheme class, 157

WriteFileActivityValidator class, 158–159

XAML (Extensible Application Markup Language), 13

XAML workflow, 62

x:Class attribute and MyWorkflow class, 65

XML rental rules, 245–246

XML structure for form, 388

XmlWriter instance for database, 292

CodeActivity instance for dynamic update code sample, 277

code-beside class

for exposing workflows as web services, 340

using with ASP.NET page flow engine, 330

for web service called inside workflow, 337–338

code-beside model

using, 64–66

using with HelloWorld project, 21

using with iterative activities, 210


comparison classes of, 240–241

expression classes of, 239

relationship to rules, 238–241

code-only model, using, 65–66

Collect Feedback workflow in SharePoint, description of, 362–363

Collect Signatures workflow in SharePoint, description of, 363

college application college application communication service, 110–115

expanding, 115–117

college application communication service, 110–115

command-line utilities

wca.exe data-exchange service, 48

wfc.exe compiler, 48


adding to HelloWorld project, 30

obtaining with Collect Feedback workflow, 362–363

commit batch services, maintaining integrity with, 41

Commit method, using with work batch services, 166–167

Common Language Runtime (CLR), relationship to WorkflowRuntime class, 92

communication. See workflow communication

communication activities.

See also activities

CallExernalMethod, 107–110

customizing, 115–117

generating, 117–119

HandleExternalEvent, 110

Listen and EventDriven, 110

communication contract code sample, 350–351

communication contracts

defining, 104

implementing as .NET interface, 112

communication plumbing for page flow code, 324

communication service interface

implementing for page flow engine, 326

using CorrelationAliasAttribute with, 121

using CorrelationIntializerAttribute with, 120

using CorrelationParameterAttribute with, 120

comparison classes of CodeDom, descriptions of, 240–241

CompensatableSequence activity, using, 127–128

CompensatableTransactionScope activity, using, 128–129

Compensate activity, using, 127–128

compensation logic, initiating, 128

CompensationHandler activity, using, 127–128


performing with wfc.exe, 68–70

performing with WorkflowCompiler class, 70–71

steps for, 71

CompiledAssembly property, exposing, 71

CompletedScope table, using with SqlWorkflow- PersistenceService, 170

composite activities, explanation of, 125

CompositeActivity class, using, 146

CompositeActivityMarkupSerializer class, description of, 67

condition, providing for IfElse activity, 28

Condition property

expanding for HelloWorld, 29

using with IfElseBranch activity, 133–134

conditional code, using with DynamicUpdate- Condition property, 277

conditional expressions, specifying, 226–227

conditional logic flow, activities for, 133–134

ConditionedActivityGroup activity

using, 130

using activity rules with, 226–227

conditions, defining in SharePoint Designer 2007, 378

configuration errors, checking at design time, 86

configuration files, examples of, 50–51

connected systems. See WCF (Windows Communication Foundation)

consistent property, role in ACID transactions, 41

console application, creating for HelloWorld project, 24–27

content, managing expired content, 364–365

content types, associating workflows to, 369

context menu, using with state machine workflow designer, 257–258

controller in MVC pattern, description of, 323


example of, 121–124

process of, 119

correlation parameter, using, 124

CorrelationAliasAttribute, using with communication service interface, 121

CorrelationInitializerAttribute, using with communication service interface, 120

CorrelationParameterAttribute, using with communication service definition interface, 120–121

counter data, capturing with Performance Monitor, 315

createMessage property, using in HelloWorld project, 23

createMessage2 activity, using with HelloWorld, 29

CreateWorkflow method

calling, 99

calling to start workflow instances, 94

code sample, 247–248

passing parameters to, 102

CurrentState property, using, 261

CurrentStateName property, using, 261

custom workflows

debugging in SharePoint, 391–392

deploying and configuring to SharePoint, 390–391

Professional Windows Workflow Foundation
Professional Windows Workflow Foundation
ISBN: 0470053860
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2004
Pages: 118
Authors: Todd Kitta

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