Printing from Your Address Book

You can print an alphabetical list of your contacts with their phone numbers and email addresses, and you can also print address or shipping labels in various sizes. Printing lists and labels for Address Books is available for local Address Books only, so if you need to print from your Domino Directory, you must replicate the directory to your hard drive or copy the Domino Directory into your Address Book. For more information on replication, see Appendix B, "Understanding Replication." To print from your Address Book, follow these steps:


Open your Address Book and select the contact names you want to print by placing a checkmark in the margin. If you want to select your entire Address Book, choose Edit, Select All from the menu.


With your contacts selected, choose File, Print from the menu. The Print dialog box appears as shown in Figure 12.7.

Figure 12.7. You can print documents, selected documents, or a selected view from the Print menu.


Click the Documents Style tab. To print a list, under the How to Print Each Document option, choose how many contacts to print on each page. You can click the Preview button to preview your options.


To print labels or a list other than the standard default list of contacts, go to the Format Each Document Using section and click the Alternate Form radio button.


A drop-down menu appears in which you can select the labels or lists you want (see Figure 12.8). There are choices here for both address labels and shipping labels.

Figure 12.8. Various formats are available for shipping and address labels. Be sure to select the correct printer tray when you are printing labels.


(Optional) Specify page-numbering options.


(Optional) Click the Page Setup tab and specify additional page formatting as well as paper source (important when you are creating labels). Click OK when you are finished with your selections, and Notes will print your list or labels.

In this chapter, you learned about the Address Books and how to use your Personal Address Book for creating contacts and groups, as well as lists and labels. In the next chapter, you learn how to navigate the Web using Lotus Notes.

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