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uucp.config.filesUUCP Configuration Files

In contrast to simpler file transfer programs, UUCP was designed to be able to handle all transfers automatically. Once it is set up properly, interference by the administrator should not be necessary on a day-to-day basis. The information required for this is is kept in a couple of configuration files that reside in the directory /usr/lib/uucp. Most of these files are used only when dialing out.

  • A Gentle Introduction to Taylor UUCP
  • What UUCP Needs to Know
  • Site Naming
  • Taylor Configuration Files
  • General Configuration Options-- the config File
  • How to Tell UUCP about other Systems-- the sys File
    • System Name
    • Telephone Number
    • Port and Speed
    • The Login Chat
    • Alternates
    • Restricting Call Times
  • What Devices there are-- the port File
  • How to Dial a Number-- the dial File
  • UUCP Over TCP
  • Using a Direct Connection

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