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The NNTP server is called nntpd, and may be compiled in two ways, depending on the expected load on the news system. There are no compiled versions available, because of some site-specific defaults that are hard-coded into the executable. All configuration is done through macro definines in common/conf.h.

nntpd may be configured as either a standalone server that is started at system boot time from rc.inet2, or a daemon managed by inetd. In the latter case you have to have the following entry in /etc/inetd.conf:

            nntp    stream  tcp nowait      news    /usr/etc/in.nntpd    nntpd 
If you configure nntpd as standalone, make sure that any such line in inetd.conf is commented out. In either case, you have to make sure there's the following line in /etc/services:
            nntp    119/tcp   readnews untp    # Network News Transfer Protocol 
To temporarily store any incoming articles, etc, nntpd also needs a .tmp directory in your news spool. You should create it using
            # mkdir /var/spool/news/.tmp            # chown news.news /var/spool/news/.tmp 

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