Camera/Shy is a browser-based steganography application from Hacktivismo, a special operations group sponsored by another famous hacker group, the Cult of the Dead Cow. It is the only steganographic tool that automatically scans for and delivers decrypted content straight from the Web. It is a stand-alone, Internet Explorer-based browser that leaves no trace on the user's system and has enhanced security. Camera/Shy was designed and developed for democracy activists who are restricted by firewalls.

Camera/Shy is very easy to use and was in fact designed for the nontechnical user. The features listed here show that it is both user friendly and effective:

  • User friendly and Web browser based

  • Automatic invisible cache and history clearing built in

  • Automatically scans Web pages for stegged and encrypted GIF files

  • Web page encoding into GIF functionality

  • Parsing of hidden content functionality

  • All content scanned and parsed down from the local cache

  • Automatic Rijndael encryption of all steganographic content

  • Least-significant byte pixel insertion steganography

  • Relative links that would be broken made into static links in Web site encrypting process

  • High and moderate security browsing settings, including:

    • Optionally killing all active scripting, including DHTML behaviors

    • Optionally killing all Java and ActiveX applications

    • Optionally disabling client pull in cases where you want to ensure the content comes from the server or local cache you are browsing

    • Stand-alone executable file, no installer

    • GIF to and from BMP, and JPEG to and from BMP utilities built in for easy GIF content selection (Figure 6.1).

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      Figure 6.1

About Hacktivismo

Hacktivismo is a group of international hackers, human rights workers, artists, and others who seek to further the goals of human rights through technology. Operating under the aegis of the Cult of the Dead Cow (cDc), Hacktivismo is committed to developing technologies in support of the highest standards of human rights. More information is available at

About the Cult of the Dead Cow

The Cult of the Dead Cow (cDc) is the most influential hacking group in the world. The group is further distinguished by publishing the longest running E-zine on the Internet and stretching the limits of the First Amendment. The cDc is known for fighting anyone, individual or government, that aspires to limit free speech. More information is available at

Investigator's Guide to Steganography
Investigators Guide to Steganography
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