4 An example: the theatre demo

4 An example: the theatre demo

This example shows a Jini smartCard services being used by the SoNG MPEG-4 player. We thank Laurent Lagosanto from Gemplus Research for helping us in integrating this research product from Gemplus in the SoNG theatre Demo. We also thank FT R&D for helping us when writing the XML messaging system between the javascript User Interface and the java MPEG-J layer above the scene graph api.

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Figure 9.4: An e-commerce application: the theatre demo

An electronic ticket is stored in the smartcard if a valid pin code is entered using the synthetic layer2D keyboard. Its XML description is shown below:

 <ticket typeID="eventTicket" ticketID="001234">     <issuerID>03435</issuerID>     <ownerID>42678</ownerID>     <validity>       <numberOfTimes>ONCE</numberOfTimes>       <validPeriod>          <vBegin day="2002-01-31" hour="21:00:00"/>          <vEnd day="2002-01-31"/>       </validPeriod>     </validity>     <view resource="http://wiki.inrialpes.fr/       tickets/ticket1.gif"/>     <promise>       <place>Theatre de l'atelier</place>       <sName>La directrice et le financier</sName>       <seat>192</seat>       <seat>189</seat>       <seat>398</seat>     </promise> </ticket> 

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