3 Architecture specification

3 Architecture specification

Our framework is made of two independent parts as can be seen on the next figure:

  • A graphic streaming channel or interconnect made of:

    • SKELETONS inside the scene graph manager.

    • STUBS implementing a remote MPEG-J. A bi-directional application-level protocol has been defined such that the implementation of the SKELETONS and the STUBS can be done independently.

  • Components to join a Jini network:

    • Surrogates. We have written two surrogates. One is used to publish as a service the remote MPEG-J, the other one is specific to the theatrer demo of the SoNG project and is a client of the Jini services published by the smartCard.

    • Monitor. It's role is to tell the surrogate host that the MPEG-4 device is still on and to pass to the surrogate host the url of the surrogate(s) which will represent the MPEG-4 device inside the Jini federation.

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Figure 9.3: Architecture of the MPEG-4 player showing the modules used for its incorporation in a federation of services

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