Saving a Presentation



Click the Save button on the Standard toolbar.


The Save As dialog box opens. Type a name for the presentation.


To save the file in another folder, click the Save In drop-down arrow and select another folder or drive.


Click Save . PowerPoint saves the presentation.


You must save your presentations to reuse them or to continue working on the slides later. When you save a PowerPoint file, you assign the presentation a unique name. You can also save the file to a specific folder or disk. After you've saved a file, subsequent saves do not require assigning a filename or location unless you want to create a duplicate of the presentation under a different filename.


The Default Folder

By default, PowerPoint saves your presentations in the My Documents folder. If you prefer to save your work in another folder or on a CD or floppy disk drive, you must use the Save in drop-down list to choose the folder or drive.

Easy Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003
Easy Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003
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