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       Insert Chart  
       Insert Diagram   2nd  
       PowerPoint shortcut icon
               starting PowerPoint  
               moving   2nd  
       clip art  
               adding to slides   2nd  
               adjusting brightness  
               locating specific clip art   2nd  
               recoloring   2nd   3rd  
               scrolling through  
       crooked photos
       deleting from selection list order  
               adding to  
       image files
               adding to slides   2nd  
               adjusting brightness  
       locating for photo album inclusion  
       photo albums
               creating   2nd   3rd   4th  
       rearranging selection list order  
       selecting for photo album inclusion  
       slide layouts
               deleting from  
               specifying layout quantity  
Import button
               importing into picture bullets  
               into picture bullets  
Increase Decimal button  
Increase Font Size button (Formatting toolbar)  
Increase Indent button (Formatting toolbar)   2nd  
       text   2nd  
Information Rights Mangement Client feature  
Inser menu commands
       Movies and Sounds  
Insert All button  
Insert button  
Insert CD Audio dialog box  
Insert Chart button  
Insert Chart icon  
Insert Clip Art button (Drawing toolbar)  
Insert Diagram button   2nd  
Insert Diagram icon   2nd  
Insert Hyperlink button  
Insert Hyperlink dialog box  
Insert menu comands
Insert menu commands
       Movies and Sounds   2nd   3rd   4th   5th  
       Object   2nd  
       Slides from Files  
Insert Movie dialog box  
Insert New Pictures dialog box
Insert Object dialog box   2nd  
Insert Picture button (Drawing toolbar)  
Insert Picture dialog box (Clip Art Task pane)  
Insert Shape button  
Insert Sound dialog box  
Insert Table dialog box
Insert WordArt button (Drawing toolbar)  
       circles into slides  
       comments   2nd  
       slides into outlines  
       slides into presentations   2nd  
       special characters into text   2nd  
       squares into slides  
       table columns  
       table rows  

Easy Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003
Easy Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003
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