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Data Labels tab  
data plots ( charts )
       changing   2nd  
data series
       borders (charts)  
       charts   2nd   3rd  
Data Table button  
       adding   2nd  
       displaying   2nd  
       hiding   2nd  
Date and Time check box (Header and Footer dialog box)  
       Fixed option  
       Update Automatically option  
date and time information
               adding to   2nd  
date feature
               turning off  
Decrease Decimal button  
Decrease Indent button (Formatting toolbar)   2nd  
Define Custom Shows dialog box (Slide Show menu)  
Delete key  
       animation schemes  
       bulleted list formatting  
       chart titles  
       clip art from slides  
       movie clips   2nd  
       numbered list formatting  
       photos from selection list order  
       placeholders from slides  
       slide transitions  
       slides   2nd  
       sound (animations)  
       sound clips   2nd  
       special characters from text  
       symbols from text  
       table columns  
       table rows  
       text boxes   2nd  
       text from tables  
       text objects  
Demote button (Outlining toolbar)
       subordinate text
               adding to slides  
               creating   2nd  
       text in outlines  
               keyboard shortcuts  
design templates   2nd   3rd  
       applying   2nd  
               all slides  
               selected slides  
       customized backgrounds
               saving as   2nd  
       finding on Web sites  
       selecting   2nd  
       Slide Design Task pane
               adding to listings  
               removing from listings  
Design Templates on option (Slide Design pane)  
Diagram Gallery dialog box   2nd  
Diagram Style Gallery dialog box  
Diagram toolbar  
       adding   2nd  
               reversing order  
               changing   2nd  
       text fonts  
dialog boxes
       Action Settings  
       Background dialog box
               Apply button   2nd   3rd   4th   5th  
               Apply to All button   2nd   3rd   4th   5th  
               More Colors option  
               Omit Background Graphics check box  
       Bullets and Numbering dialog box (Format menu)  
               Bulleted tab  
               Numbered tab  
       Chart Options   2nd   3rd   4th   5th  
       Chart Type  
       Choose Files to Merge with Current Presentation  
       Colors dialog box
               Preview button  
       Colors dialog box (Format menu)   2nd  
       Confirm Password dialog box  
       Custom Shows dialog box (Slide Show menu)  
       Define Custom Shows dialog box (Slide Show menu)  
       Diagram Gallery   2nd   3rd  
       Edit WordArt Text dialog box
               correcting text in WordArt  
               entering text into WordArt  
               formatting text in WordArt  
       Fill Effects dialog box
               Gradient tab   2nd   3rd  
               Pattern tab  
               Texture tab  
       Font dialog box (Format menu)  
       Format AutoShape dialog box
               editing lines  
               editing shapes  
       Format Data Series  
       Format dialog box
               Colors and Lines tab  
       Format Legend  
       Format Picture dialog box
               Recolor button  
       Format Picture dialog box (Clip Art Task pane)  
       Header and Footer dialog box
               Date and Time check box   2nd  
               Notes and Handouts tab  
       Insert CD Audio  
       Insert Hyperlink  
       Insert Movie  
       Insert New Pictures dialog box
       Insert Object   2nd  
       Insert Picture dialog box (Clip Art Task pane)  
       Insert Sound  
       Insert Table dialog box
       Line Spacing dialog box (Format menu)   2nd  
       Link to File  
       Media Clip  
       Movie and Sound Options  
        Open dialog box
       Options dialog box (Tools menu)  
               Password to Modify option  
       Organization Chart Style Gallery  
       Package for CD dialog box (File menu)  
       Password dialog box  
       Password to Open dialog box  
       Photo Album dialog box
               Captions Below All Pictures check box  
               File/Disk button  
               Frame Shape field  
               Picture Layout field  
               Pictures in Album option  
               Rotate Clockwise button  
               Rotate Counterclockwise button  
       Picture Bullet dialog box (Format menu)  
       Preview/Properties   2nd  
       Publish as Web Page  
       Recolor Picture dialog box
               Fills option  
       Record Narration   2nd  
       Record Sound  
       Save As   2nd  
       Save As dialog boxes
       Search for dialog box (Clip Art Task pane)  
       Select Picture dialog box (Clip Art Task pane)
               browsing clip art  
               Search Text field  
       Set Page Title  
       Set Up Show dialog box (Slide Show menu)  
               Browsed at a Kiosk option  
               Show Options check boxes  
       Slide Finder   2nd   3rd   4th  
       Sound Options  
       Symbol dialog box
               customizing bulleted lists  
               inserting special characters into text  
               inserting symbols into text  
               Recently Used Symbols list  
       WordArt Gallery dialog box  
       Zoom dialog box  
Display Speaker Notes check box  
       change markers  
       chart data labels  
       chart gridlines  
       datasheets   2nd  
       Home pane  
       Insert Table dialog box  
       Outlining toolbar  
       Outlining toolbar (Outline pane)  
       Tables and Borders toolbar  
       slide objects  
Draw button (Drawing toolbar)
       Align or Distribute option  
       Change AutoShape button  
       Rotate Left option  
       Rotate or Flip option   2nd  
       Rotate Right option  
Draw Table button (Tables and Borders toolbar)  
       lines on slides  
       perfect shapes on slides  
       shapes on slides  
drawing on
Drawing toolbar
       3D button  
       AutoShape button  
       Draw button
               Align or Distribute option  
               Rotate Left option  
               Rotate or Flip option   2nd  
               Rotate Right option  
       Fill Color button   2nd  
       Insert Clip Art button  
       Insert Picture button  
       Insert WordArt button  
       Line Color button  
               changing border colors  
       Line Style button  
               adding borders to slide objects  
       Oval button  
       Oval tool  
       Rectangle button  
       Shadow button  
               Shadow Settings option  
               drawing shapes  
       Text Box button  
drawing toolbar (PowerPoint Program window)  
drop-down lists
       Print What  

Easy Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003
Easy Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003
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