capital gain

The amount you earn from selling an investment for more than you paid for it.

capital loss

The amount you lose from selling an investment for less than you paid for it.


A label used in Quicken to identify an income or expense, so Quicken can report on how you spend your money and where it comes from.

See also [ subcategory ]

Category List

A window in Quicken where you can edit and add new categories for tracking transaction amounts.

checking account

A Quicken account that corresponds to your real-world checking account. You can enter payments (bills) into the checking account and use Quicken to print checks to pay those bills.

cleared balance

The total amount of cleared transactions.

cleared transaction

A transaction you check off while reconciling your account, indicating that the transaction has been executed by your bank or financial institution. You can mark a transaction as cleared when your account statement (from the bank or financial institution) shows the transaction.

See also [ reconcile ]

credit card account

An account set up to track credit card debt in Quicken.

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Easy Quicken 2004
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