Part 12. Using Quicken s Planning and Organizing Features

Part 12. Using Quicken's Planning and Organizing Features

Quicken offers a multitude of tools and features to help you plan for future events and goals, as well as organize and keep track of your assets. For example, the Planning Center is a page that you can use to view information about events that ultimately affect your finances. Such events include such things as weddings, the purchase of a home, the birth of your children, retirement, and so on. Individual planners, like the Home Purchase Planner or the Retirement Planner, can help you calculate costs and set financial goals by assisting you in recording detailed information about the event. Quicken's planners are very easy to use and walk you through each phase for recording important financial information.

You can also find planning and organizing features on both the Property and Debt and the Planning menus on the Quicken Menu bar.

In addition to planning, you can use Quicken to assist you with an inevitable yearly event ”taxes. Quicken can lend a hand as you plan and prepare for tax time all year round. You can estimate your taxes using existing tax- related data you recorded in Quicken, using data you import from TurboTax, or using data you manually enter. Quicken's tax tools make it relatively painless to determine how much taxes you owe or how much of a refund you can expect.

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