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Adobe® Premiere® Elements 2 in a Snap
By Steve Grisetti, Chuck Engels
Publisher: Sams
Pub Date: November 17, 2005
ISBN: 0-672-32853-4
Pages: 432

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    Chapter 1.  Start Here
      What Is Nonlinear Editing?
      Getting to Know Premiere Elements 2.0
      Setting Preferences
      Using the History Panel
      Understanding the DV-AVI Workflow
      A Word About System Requirements
      First Things Last
    Chapter 2.  Getting to Know the Workspace
      Section 1.  Start a New Project
      Section 2.  Customize Your Workspaces
      Section 3.  Nest Your Panels to Save Desktop Space
    Chapter 3.  Get the Picture: Capturing Video
      Section 4.  About Video Capture
      Section 5.  Capture Digital Video Using FireWire
      Section 6.  Capture Digital Video Using USB
      Section 7.  Control Your DV Camcorder During Capture
      Section 8.  Capture Analog Video
      Section 9.  Capture Video or Audio Only
      Section 10.  Capture to the Timeline or Media Panel
      Section 11.  View Captured Clips
      Section 12.  About Troubleshooting Capture Problems
    Chapter 4.  Adding Media
      Section 13.  About the Media Panel
      Section 14.  Add Media with the Adobe Media Downloader
      Section 15.  Add Special Media Clips
      Section 16.  Create and Use Media Folders
      Section 17.  Sort the Media Panel by Different Characteristics
      Section 18.  About Troubleshooting Media Additions
      Section 19.  Trim Clips in the Media Panel
      Section 20.  About the Monitor Panel
      Section 21.  Grab a Still from Video
    Chapter 5.  Working with Stills and Graphics
      Section 22.  Prepare a Still for Video
      Section 23.  Scale and Position a Still
      Section 24.  Set Still Image Duration
      Section 25.  Remove Shimmer from a Photo
      Section 26.  Make an Instant Slideshow
      Section 27.  Change Slides to the Beat of Music
      Section 28.  Use and Customize Preset Camera Moves
    Chapter 6.  Editing on the Timeline
      Section 29.  About the Timeline and Video Tracks
      Section 30.  Add, Delete, and Size Tracks
      Section 31.  Set Video and Audio Track Display
      Section 32.  Define the Beginning and End of Your Project
      Section 33.  Add or Move a Clip on the Timeline
      Section 34.  Trim a Clip on the Timeline
      Section 35.  Delete and Close Gaps in the Timeline
      Section 36.  Split a Clip
      Section 37.  Remove a Section of a Clip
      Section 38.  Create an L-Cut or a J-Cut
      Section 39.  Remove Audio or Video from a Clip
      Section 40.  Slow/Speed/Reverse Audio/Video
      Section 41.  Move Several Clips at Once
      Section 42.  Group Clips
      Section 43.  About Rendering the Timeline
    Chapter 7.  Using Transitions
      Section 44.  About Transitions
      Section 45.  Fade In or Out of a Video Clip
      Section 46.  Add a Video Transition
      Section 47.  Add an Audio Transition
      Section 48.  Save a Custom-Designed Transition
    Chapter 8.  Advanced Timeline Video and Audio Editing
      Section 49.  Control Interlacing and Field Options
      Section 50.  Freeze a Frame
      Section 51.  Make a Clip Semi-Transparent
      Section 52.  Add Narration to Your Movie
      Section 53.  Track Audio Volume
      Section 54.  Raise, Lower, and Normalize Sound Volume
      Section 55.  Filter Audio with Dynamic Effects
      Section 56.  Balance Sound over Left and Right Channels
      Section 57.  Add an Interactive Marker
    Chapter 9.  Adding Spice to Your Video
      Section 58.  About Preset Effects
      Section 59.  Adjust Color and Brightness
      Section 60.  Enhance Video with Advanced Image Controls
      Section 61.  Add and Customize an Effect
      Section 62.  Rotate or Flip a Clip
      Section 63.  Reset or Remove an Effect
      Section 64.  Copy Attributes from One Clip to Another
      Section 65.  Create and Save a Preset
      Section 66.  Enhance Audio with Advanced Effects
    Chapter 10.  The Power of Keyframing
      Section 67.  About Keyframing
      Section 68.  About the Properties Panel
      Section 69.  Add Motion to a Still
      Section 70.  Pan and Zoom Still Images a la Ken Burns
      Section 71.  Make a Variable-Speed Pan and Zoom
      Section 72.  Control a Video Track's Opacity over Time
      Section 73.  Control Volume at Specific Points
    Chapter 11.  Special Effects
      Section 74.  About Advanced Effects
      Section 75.  Control a Video Effect with Keyframes
      Section 76.  Make an Area of a Clip Transparent
      Section 77.  Create a Picture-in-Picture Effect
      Section 78.  Add a Lens Flare
      Section 79.  Add a Strobe Effect
      Section 80.  Add a Lightning Bolt Effect
      Section 81.  Rotate a Clip in 3D
      Section 82.  Replace a Color
      Section 83.  Morph a Clip into a Painting
    Chapter 12.  Cool Tricks
      Section 84.  Create a Split-Screen Effect
      Section 85.  Make a Car Move Across a Map
      Section 86.  Make a Line Move Across a Map
      Section 87.  Create a Brady Bunch Effect
      Section 88.  Make a Person Appear with a Different Background
      Section 89.  Make a Person Appear to Be Miniaturized
      Section 90.  Make a Person Appear to Fly
      Section 91.  Make Your Clip Appear on an Object
      Section 92.  Blur an Isolated Spot on a Video Clip a la Cops
      Section 93.  Show Your Video Through a Shape or Text
      Section 94.  Frame Your Video with an Image
    Chapter 13.  Adding Text, Creating Titles, Making Credits
      Section 95.  About Titles
      Section 96.  Use and Customize a Title Template
      Section 97.  Create a Title Overlay for Your Video
      Section 98.  Customize a Title Text Font
      Section 99.  Create Rolling and Moving Credits
      Section 100.  Create Custom Motion for Text
      Section 101.  Create a Star WarsStyle Credit Roll
      Section 102.  Save Your Title
      Section 103.  Create a Title from Scratch
    Chapter 14.  Exporting Your Video
      Section 104.  Output to an AVI Movie
      Section 105.  Output to DV Hardware or Export to Tape
      Section 106.  About Different TV Standards
      Section 107.  Output a Windows Media (WMV) File
      Section 108.  Output an MPEG File
      Section 109.  Output a QuickTime File
      Section 110.  Archive Your Project
    Chapter 15.  DVD Authoring
      Section 111.  About Burning to DVDs
      Section 112.  Create an Auto-Play DVD
      Section 113.  Add Dolby Digital Sound to a DVD
      Section 114.  Set DVD Chapter Markers
      Section 115.  Auto-Generate Scene Markers
      Section 116.  Customize an Image As a Chapter Marker
      Section 117.  Customize a DVD Menu Screen Template
      Section 118.  Customize a Menu with Any Background
      Section 119.  Create a Motion Menu
      Section 120.  Add Video to a Menu Background
      Section 121.  Add Audio to a Menu
      Section 122.  Preview and Test Drive a DVD Movie
      Section 123.  Burn Multiple Copies of a DVD
      Section 124.  About Troubleshooting DVD Output
    Appendix A.  Premiere Elements Keyboard Shortcuts
      Program Controls
      Work Areas
      Media and Trimming
      Timeline Views
      Play/Scrub Controls
      Timeline Controls
      Title Window Controls
      Capture Panel
      Properties Panel
      Effects Panel
      History Panel
      Media Panel
      Timeline Panel
      Titler Panel
      DVD Layout Panel
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