Smart client application development is evolutionary. Clearly, we understand the richness of a windowing environment and the ubiquity of the Web. Developers and businesspeople can equally appreciate the benefits of both environments. The difficulty has been in reconciling these two worlds . With .NET we are seeing a window on a future world. This future world seamlessly integrates Windows and Web technologies where developers implement a single solution and end users benefit from increased productivity. Whether these applications are connected or not is a technological predicament that users shouldn't have to care about.

In this chapter I hope you have gotten a glimpse into a possible future, where no assumption is made about the connected state of any single user ; where applications just run reliably and correctly; and where updates happen and technology disseminates naturally, like shared ideas around the campfire, as long as we all make money.

Visual Basic. NET Power Coding
Visual Basic(R) .NET Power Coding
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