In the post-acquisition/implementation phase, Omega Airlines will face several challenges not only to support and maintain the new system but also to extend its scope of usefulness to other areas/needs of the organization. Relative to support and maintenance, one major challenge for Omega Airlines IT department will be to keep the resources, people and money flowing in order to meet the post-implementation demands. The Director of IT fears that the will or commitment from senior executives to continuously support the ERP system may wane due to economic factors that currently face the airline industry. The retention of key individuals who must return to previous assignments or who leave the organization either for more challenging positions or because of downsizing due to budget cuts poses yet another challenge for Omega Airlines.

Among the future challenges that Omega Airlines as it charts its future use of ERP systems, is that of Knowledge management. How to manage the information generated by the ERP system. Other challenges, such as, How Omega Airlines align its Ebusiness strategies with its existing ERP systems? Further, How will Omega Airlines implement web services that will allow it to knit together its various business information and ERP applications.

These are only a few of the numerous challenges that confronts Omega Airlines.

learning experience for the entire organization. This case provides a useful illustration

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