Chapter 19: Balancing Theoretical and Practical Goals in the Delivery of a University-Level Data Communications Program

Jairo Gutierrez, University of Auckland

New Zealand

Koro Tawa, University of Auckland

New Zealand


This case examines the experience of introducing the Cisco Networking Academy Program as part of two data communications courses taught in the School of Business and Economics at the University of Auckland. This case discusses the advantages and disadvantages encountered in the administration and delivery of the combined (traditional content plus the Cisco-based content) material. The case also analyses the impact of the program on the learning outcomes and objectives of the existing courses. The feedback presented was obtained informally through conversations with students and formally by using end-of-semester surveys and by reviewing students' assignments and tests. The case describes how the program combined traditional "sage on the stage" lectures plus hands-on lab experiments as part of the educational experience. The availability of on-line curricula and testing is also considered as an important element in the learning process.

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