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In thinking about the broad theme of this book, i.e., to provide insight and practical knowledge obtained from industry leaders regarding the overall successful management of e-commerce practices and solutions, I would like to focus on the fundamentals that require a crystal clear e- commerce security strategy in a dynamic competitive environment of discontinuous change. This ensures that an organization’s e-commerce security efforts and overall business goals and objectives are aligned. A clearly articulated and well-documented e-commerce security strategy canhelp organizations assess and evaluate the results of their efforts. The focus needs to shift from the needs-based assessment to the results-based assessment of e-commerce security.

The worldwide market for information security services will nearly triple to $21 billion by 2005, up from about $6.7 billion in 2000, according to International Data Corporation.

According to this study, the boom in the market will be driven by corporate desires for wireless access, extranets, and remote networks because new and greater security services will be needed to secure those technologies. E-commerce security is a process, not an end result. As the number of interconnections in the world increases, so too will the number of attacks. E-commerce security remains a relatively straightforward risk- management equation—the more security that is in place, traditionally, the more onerous it is for end-users.

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