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it solutions series: e-commerce security: advice from experts
IT Solutions Series: E-Commerce Security: Advice from Experts
by Mehdi Khosrowpour (ed) ISBN:1591402417
Idea Group Publishing 2004 (195 pages)

Covering a wide range of existing e-commerce security issues, this book proposes solutions to security risks facing managers today. Experts offer insights on tactics of hackers, spamming, viruses, and future challenges facing e-commerce professionals.

Table of Contents
IT Solutions Series—E-Commerce Security Advice from Experts
Section I - Introduction
Chapter I- An Overview
Section II - Expert Opinions
Chapter II- Learning from Practice
Appendix A- Panel Member Profiles
Chapter III- How One Niche Player in the Internet Security Field Fulfills an Important Role
Chapter IV- Personal Information Privacy and EC: A Security Conundrum?
Chapter V- Developing Secure E-Commerce in China
Chapter VI- Identifying and Managing New Forms of Commerce Risk and Security
Chapter VII- E-Commerce Security and the Law
Chapter VIII- Rethinking E-Commerce Security in the Digital Economy—A Pragmatic and Strategic Perspective
Chapter IX- Security and the Importance of Trust in the Australian Automotive Industry
Chapter X- E-Commerce Security Planning
Glossary of Terms
List of Figures
List of Tables


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E-Commerce Security. Advice from Experts
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