List of Exercises

Chapter 1: Designing a Secure Network Framework

Exercise 1.01: Running an RSoP Query

Chapter 2: Securing Servers Based on Function

Exercise 2.01: Adding The Security Configuration and Analysis and Security Templates Snap-ins
Exercise 2.02: Saving a Console and Security Templates
Exercise 2.03: Using Group Policy Editor to Apply Security Templates for a Workstation or Server Joined to a Domain
Exercise 2.04: Apply Security Templates on a Domain Controller for a Domain or OU
Exercise 2.05: Using the Resultant Set of Policy MMC Snap-in
Exercise 2.06: Analyzing and Comparing Security Configurations
Exercise 2.07: Using the Configure Your Server Wizard
Exercise 2.08: Applying Security Templates via Croup Policy

Chapter 3: Designing a Secure Public Key Infrastructure

Exercise 3.01: Installing a CA on Windows Server 2003
Exercise 3.02: Request a Certificate from the Web Enrollment Interface
Exercise 3.03: Approve or Deny a Certificate from the CA Pending Queue
Exercise 3.04: Revoking a Certificate
Exercise 3.05: Enable Auditing on a CA Server
Exercise 3.06: Renewal of CA Keys

Chapter 4: Securing the Network Management Process

Exercise 4.01: Creating an Organizational Unit and Delegating Control to a Local Administrator
Exercise 4.02: Changing the Default Terminal Services Client Port

Chapter 5: Securing Network Services and Protocols

Exercise 5.01: View Predefined IPSec Policy Server (Request Security)
Exercise 5.02: Exploring the IP Security Policies snap-in
Exercise 5.03: Objective 3.3: Configuring IIS to Use SSL
Exercise 5.04: Create a Wireless Network Policy

Chapter 6: Securing Internet Information Services

Exercise 6.01: Implementing One-to-One Mapping
Exercise 6.02: Implement Many-to-One Mapping
Exercise 6.03: Configure Anonymous Authentication
Exercise 6.04: Configure Basic Authentication
Exercise 6.05: Configure Digest Authentication
Exercise 6.06: Configure Integrated Windows Authentication
Exercise 6.07: Install Internet Authentication Server
Exercise 6.08: Configure Protocols in Internet Connection Firewall
Exercise 6.09: Configure IIS Logging
Exercise 6.09: Enabling Audit Policy on a Local Machine
Exercise 6.10: Enable Health Detection

Chapter 7: Securing VPN and Extranet Communications

Exercise 7.01: Configuring Routing and Remote Access Services
Exercise 7.02: Configuring a PPTP LAN-to-LAN VPN
Exercise 7.03: Configuring an L2TP RRAS Server to Accept Certificates

Chapter 8: Securing Active Directory

Exercise 8.01: Setting Permissions Using Group Policy
Exercise 8.02: Configuring Restricted Groups in Active Directory

Chapter 9: Securing Network Resources

Exercise 9.01: LDAP Query for Obsolete Groups
Exercise 9.02: Using the Delegation of Control Wizard
Exercise 9.03: Viewing Registry Access Permissions
Exercise 9.04: Setting Registry Access Permissions via Group Policy
Exercise 9.05: Implementing EFS on the Local Computer
Exercise 9.06: Add a Recovery Agent for the Local Computer
Exercise 9.07: Using the cipher Command to Add Data Recovery Agent
Exercise 9.08: Backing Up Certificates with Private Keys
Exercise 9.09: Creating an Automatic System Recovery Backup Set
Exercise 9.10: Configuring System for Startup and Recovery Options

Chapter 10: Securing Network Clients

Exercise 10.01: Using the Syskey Utility
Exercise 10.02: Creating a Remote Access Policy
Exercise 10.03: Configuring IAS on a Domain Controller

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