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team bush: leadership lessons from the bush white house
Team Bush: Leadership Lessons from the Bush White House
by Donald F. Kettl ISBN:0071416331
McGraw-Hill 2003 (220 pages)

This text is a portrait of the successes and occasional setbacks of George W. Bush in his first 2 years as U.S. President; it is also an examination of a leadership style based on team performance and knowledge.

Table of Contents
Team Bush—Leadership Lessons from the Bush White House
Birth of a Commander-in-Chief
Part I - Building the Bush Team
Chapter 1 - The Making of an MBA President
Chapter 2 - The Bush Leadership Style
Chapter 3 - The Teamwork Imperative
Part II - Leading the Bush Way
Chapter 4 - Bush as Strategist
Chapter 5 - The Importance of Message
Chapter 6 - The Disciplined Chief Executive
Chapter 7 - Leveraging Assets
Part III - Teaming Up For the Future
Chapter 8 - Avoiding the Seven Deadly Leadership Traps
Chapter 9 - Winning the Expectations Game
The Strength of a Leader
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Team Bush. Leadership Lessons from the Bush White House
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