Appendix F: Project Leadership Questionnaire for Change Management Projects

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This document was developed by the Babson College Management Team in October 1993, from a checklist originally prepared by Allan R. Cohen and Rosabeth M. Kanter; the tool was subsequently updated by Richard M. Kesner.

The Leadership Component

  • Who is leading the project? _____

  • Is that person the most appropriate responsible party to ensure success? _____

  • Does the leader genuinely believe in the project and want it to succeed? _____

  • Does the leader have the necessary skills for success?

    • Demonstrates genuine respect for people throughout the organization ____

    • Listens well ____

    • Demonstrates political savvy ____

    • Possesses connections with others critical to the project's success ____

    • Demonstrates salesmanship ____

    • Inspires trust ____

    • Communicates readily and well ____

    • Demonstrates patience ____

    • Focuses on goals and their realization, even in chaotic process ____

    • Demonstrates flexibility ____

    • Follows through on assignments/attentive to detail ____

    • Possesses high energy _____

    • Is willing to delegate ____

    • Is willing to share credit for project deliverables ____

  • Has project leadership been legitimized, as appropriate, with

    • Executive management? ____

    • Board(s) of governance? ____

    • Standing committees and task forces? ____

    • Project leader's boss? ____

    • Project leader's peers? ____

    • Project participants? ____

  • If the project is to be executed by a task force, have they identified/legitimized a leader? ____

  • Is leadership accessible and open to input from throughout the organization? ____

  • Are there opportunities for others to take on leadership responsibilities when they are ready and as the opportunity presents itself? ____

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