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The Workshop consists of quiz questions and answers to help you solidify your understanding of the material covered in this hour. You should try to answer the questions before checking the answers.



What happens when you take a Dynamic Text block containing the word "Flash" and select Modify, Break Apart?

  1. Nothing. You can only break apart Static text.

  2. The characters turn into shapes.

  3. Each character turns into an individual Dynamic Text block.


How do you create a 3D special effect in Flash?

  1. You can't. You either need to purchase a plugin or wait until Flash 9.

  2. Use the 3D Filter (only available in Flash Professional 8).

  3. Use any trick you can think of such as adding a shadow that suggests depth.


How can you make a gradient mask?

  1. You can't, but you can add an extra layer above the mask with any sort of gradient you want.

  2. You can't, but using the Invert Blend on a symbol containing a gradient is the same thing.

  3. Simply put a gradient inside the mask layer as we did in the task "Create a Magnifier Effect with Masking."

Quiz Answers


C. You need to select Modify, Break Apart twice to turn a text block (containing multiple characters) into a shape.


C. The point is that you learned 3D using an essentially 2D media, paint, a long time ago. You'll see more traditional approaches to animation in Hour 22.


A. Although the mask in the magnifier task did contain a gradient, it acted the same as if it were a solid. The extra layer on top is how we made the gradient portion show up.


Try to deconstruct a small portion of any special effect you've seen on the Web preferably in a Flash website, but that's not necessary. Break it down to small pieces. Think about it in super slow motion if that helps. And start to map out the layers and individual components needed to build it. Try to actually build it if you want, but that's almost the least important part of the exercise. Just don't start building it too early.

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