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You've acquired a lot of skills in these first five hours. Refining those skills and applying them to whatever challenges you encounter is just a matter of practice. Of course, becoming a great artist involves more than technique you have to learn to see.

In this hour, you created and used swatches and custom gradients. You also got plenty of practice using the Gradient Transform tool.

Perhaps the most valuable aspect of this Hour was how some of the later tasks had very practical and specific applications. It's relatively easy to learn all the tools but much harder to apply the tools. The applications for Color Effects, Blends, and Filters are so great that I can't cover it all here, but you got a good start this hour.

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    Sams Teach Yourself Macromedia Flash 8 in 24 Hours
    Sams Teach Yourself Macromedia Flash 8 in 24 Hours
    ISBN: 0672327546
    EAN: 2147483647
    Year: 2006
    Pages: 235

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