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You've learned a lot this hour and not everything you learned involved Flash! That's okay because the emphasis of this hour was on what to do with your Flash movies when you're ready to distribute them to the world. Although you can certainly create amazing Flash movies that never go on the Web, it doesn't take much effort to get them onto the Web when you're ready.

Although some of Publish's details won't be discussed until Hour 24, you did see how it exports the necessary .swf and .html files through Publish and Publish Preview. Displaying your Flash content on a web page can be as simple as clicking a button. However, you also learned how to use the Go to web Page behavior (which uses getURL) to include hyperlinks to other web pages. You can also use the same technique to send JavaScript commands straight from Flash.

Besides JavaScript, you also explored several aspects of HTML, including the A HREF tag (which is the equivalent of Flash's getURL action), tables, and frames. Hopefully, this overview has inspired you to learn a little more about HTML and try using it with your Flash projects. In any case, the tricky part isn't figuring out how to get something done it's figuring out and deciding what you want to attempt. As with many things in life, after it's clear where you're headed with a web page, it's usually easy to get your task done.

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