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When I use Publish Preview, everything looks great, but when I put the files on my web server, they don't work. Why?


Well, the reason could be due to one of a million things. Here's a rundown of a few of the common problems. Did you use any uppercase characters in any of the filenames? If so, you should try using all lowercase because your server might be case-sensitive, and some FTP programs automatically rename files to all lowercase. Did you copy all the correct files to the server? Did you put all the files in the right locations (such as the .swf file in the same folder as the .html file)? Is your server properly configured for Flash's MIME setting? (If you want to learn more about this setting, check out Macromedia's TechNote 4151 just type 4151 into the search field at


Can I have more than one Flash movie on a web page?


Of course. You can have as many as you can track. For example, it might make sense in a table to have a Flash movie in two different cells. You could also design a frameset where one Flash movie is contained in a frame that never reloads (and contains background music) and a bunch of other Flash movies load into frames that change. Whatever you want, it can probably be done.

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