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The Workshop consists of quiz questions and answers to help you solidify your understanding of the material covered in this hour. You should try to answer the questions before checking the answers.



If you select the Publish command and nothing seems to happen, is there something wrong?

  1. Yes. Publish has a bug and doesn't actually work.

  2. Possibly. You need to be connected to the Internet for this command to work.

  3. No. Publish simply exports the files selected in the Publish Settings dialog box. If you want to see the results, try using Publish Preview (or find the exported files).


Is it necessary to use the Go to web Page behavior (or getURL action) only on buttons?

  1. Yes. Otherwise, you wouldn't know exactly when the user wanted to navigate to a new web page.

  2. No. You could also put the behavior on a keyframe so it goes to another page as soon as the frame is reached.

  3. No. You can use Go to web Page on keyframes but not on button components.


True or false: If you read all the material in this hour, you should have a good grounding in HTML.

  1. True. It was concise yet comprehensive.

  2. False. If you didn't know HTML before this hour, you probably still don't but at least you know some of the potential.

  3. False. Only when you finish this book will you become an HTML pro.


Is using the Go to web Page behavior (or getURL action) the only way to create a hyperlink?

  1. Yes. Except if you do it in HTML.

  2. No. There are at least 20 other behaviors that ship with Flash under the web category.

  3. No. There are also some ways to create hyperlinks with text.

Quiz Answers


C. Publish creates files, but you won't see anything unless you first find the files created. Publish Preview creates files and immediately previews them in your browser.


B. The Go to web Page behavior can be attached to buttons, and keyframes as well as clip instances. It makes sense that you might want to automatically load a new page, say, after an animation finishes.


B. The idea of this hour wasn't to teach HTML but rather to point those with some HTML experience in the right direction and give others an idea of what's possible.


C. When the Properties panel is set to Static Text, you can specify a URL to jump to. Also, the Dynamic and Input styles can have HTML style, effectively letting you write HTML in Flash.

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