Hour 19. Linking a Movie to the Web

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What You'll Learn in This Hour:

  • How to publish a Flash movie with the required HTML document

  • How to incorporate hyperlinks inside a movie to enable the user to jump to other pages or send an email message

  • How Flash and HTML can be combined

  • How to upload files to a web server

Now that you've explored all the basics of creating images, animations, buttons, and interactivity, you can move on to putting it all together for the Web. In the first hour of this part of the book, you'll learn about getting Flash movies into web pages and linking them to other pages. The knowledge you've acquired up to this point will make the task at hand easy. It helps, however, if you've seen a few Flash websites so that you have an idea where you're headed.

A Flash movie can simply be played on your computer (as is the case every time you use Test Movie). The fun part comes when you upload a Flash movie to a web server so anyone who has a browser and the free Flash player can see it. Not only can your movie be seen by anyone in the world, but you can include links that give the user a way to jump to other sites. You'll do all that this hour!

A hyperlink is often just a word or static picture in a web page that you can click to navigate to another web page. In Flash you can put hyperlinks on buttons or even in keyframes. This way, the viewer will have a chance to jump to other parts of the Web.

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