Chapter 14: The Road Ahead: Structures and Classes


Late one evening, at the end of the final session of a computer programming class I taught that left off where the last several chapters do, one of my students asked me: Where do I go from here? My suggestion was: Home.

My answer, while technically accurate, was not very helpful, so my student attempted to follow up: No, I mean, what can I expect from the next class? My prediction was, quoting from Mr. T when asked his prediction for the outcome of his upcoming rematch with Rocky Balboa in Rocky III: Pain.

That answer too might have been accurate (depending on which teacher he took next) but it also was not very helpful, so I then spared my student further stale humor and described to him what I am about to tell you in this chapter. Of course, the student received a much more condensed explanation since it was late in the evening. Before getting to that though, I have a question for you: Why are you reading this book?

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