Entering Tasks


Entering Tasks

Entering tasks in Project is as easy as typing in a name for the task in the Name field in a view with a table, such as a Gantt chart. This section covers the creation and editing of tasks in both the Gantt Chart view and the Network Diagram view.

Entering Tasks in a Sheet or Gantt Chart View

graphics/one_icon.jpg In the project window, open the View menu and click Gantt Chart.

IMPORTANT Click the Gantt Chart icon on the View bar.

graphics/two_icon.jpg Select a blank Task Name field and enter a task name. Press the Enter button or select another row or column to create the task.

graphics/three_icon.jpg By default, the left-most field in the Gantt Chart view is the Task ID field, and it shows you the current ID of the task.

graphics/four_icon.jpg Enter the expected length of the task in the Duration field. The default duration for a task is one day.

graphics/five_icon.jpg By default, the task's start date is set to the project start date. It is best not to enter a new start date.


Did You Know?

You can wait to set a duration until you have a more complete set of tasks entered.

Entering a new start date creates a constraint on the task that might limit Project's capability to adjust the schedule of that task based on its predecessor links.

See Also

This chapter covers the estimation of Duration or Work later in in the "Estimating Work or Duration" sidebar.

We will discuss constraints in Chapter 5 .

Editing Task Data in Sheet Views

graphics/one_icon.jpg Select the field you want to edit.

graphics/two_icon.jpg Enter your change.

graphics/three_icon.jpg When you are finished, press the Enter key, select a different field, or click the checkmark button on the Edit bar.

graphics/four_icon.jpg If you change your mind during the editing of a field, you can click the Cancel button on the Edit bar.

IMPORTANT Press the Escape (Esc) key to cancel an edit.


For Your Information

Unlike the other Office applications, Project 2003 doesn't have a multiple Undo feature. Keep this in mind as you make your edits.

Entering Tasks in Network Diagram Views

graphics/one_icon.jpg Open the View menu and click Network Diagram.

IMPORTANT Click the Network Diagram icon in the View bar.

graphics/two_icon.jpg Hold down the left mouse button anywhere in the view and drag a rectangle on the screen to create a new task.

graphics/three_icon.jpg When you release the mouse button, a new task is created.

graphics/four_icon.jpg You can immediately type in a name for the task because the Name field of the Task Box is selected by default.


Did You Know?

You can edit task data in the Network Diagram view . It's as easy as clicking the cell you want to edit and then typing in your edit.

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