Examining the Resource Sheet View


The Resource Sheet view is the view most commonly used to view and edit information about resources. Here is the place to define how much a resource costs per hour , what their maximum allocation level is, and other detailed data.

Viewing a Resource Sheet

graphics/one_icon.jpg Resource Name displays the name of the resource.

graphics/two_icon.jpg Max Units defines the percentage of a full working day that a resource is available for work.

graphics/three_icon.jpg Standard Rate and Overtime Rate define the cost of using a resource.


Did You Know?

It's not a good idea to have two resources with the same name . Although it is possible to have two resources with the same name, it is not a good idea, as it can become very confusing when trying to analyze resource allocations later in the project.

For Your Information

Resource Naming Restrictions

A resource name may not contain the square bracket characters ([]) or the system list separator character. This is a comma by default, but in some countries it's a period. Project 2003 will not allow you to have these characters in your resource names .

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