Exploring the Resource Graph View


The Resource Graph view is generally used in combination with other views to show the allocation levels of resources. It is a key tool for project managers when dealing with resource leveling. The following figure shows the Gantt Chart view in the upper pane and the Resource Graph view in the lower pane. The timescales for these two views are synchronized.

Viewing a Resource Graph

graphics/one_icon.jpg The Resource Graph view shows the allocation levels for a given period of time (in this case, weeks) for a specific resource. Here we can see that Brian Kennemer is at 100% of his allocation for most of the time, except for the week of March 7th.

graphics/two_icon.jpg You can see in the upper pane Gantt chart that Brian is assigned to two tasks at the same time during the week of the 7th: Create Functional Specification and Study Alternative Designs.

graphics/three_icon.jpg This is why the graph shows him at 200% for that week.


Did You Know?

You can scroll through the resources on an assignment in the Resource Graph . If the task selected in the upper pane has more than one resource assigned to it, you can view the graph for the other resources assigned by using the left and right arrows to scroll through the list of assigned resources.

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