Copying a Web Table to an Excel Worksheet

You can copy tabular information on a Web page and paste or drag the information into an Excel worksheet. It's an easy way to transfer and manipulate Web-based table data using Excel. Excel simplifies access to table data by making it available to anyone with a Web browser. After you paste the Web table into a worksheet, you can edit and format the table data like any other Excel information.

Copy a Web Table to an Excel Worksheet


Open your Web browser.


In the Address bar, type the location of the Web page with the page you want to copy, and then press Enter.


Select the table data in the Web page you want to copy.


Open the Excel worksheet where you want to paste the table data.


Right-click the taskbar, and then click Tile Vertically.


Drag the table data from the Web browser window to the location on the worksheet where you want the table data.


Did You Know?

You can use Copy and Paste to transfer table data to Excel . In your browser, select the table data you want, click the Edit menu, click Copy, switch to Excel, click the cell where you want to place the table data, and then click the Paste button on the Standard toolbar.

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