Sending a Fax

After you install and configure your fax, you can send a fax using the Send Fax Wizard. The Send Fax Wizard walks you through the process of sending a fax. You can send a cover page fax from the Printer and Faxes window or from within Fax Console, or a document fax from a program. When you send a cover page fax, the Send Fax Wizard opens to help you create and send a cover page fax. When you send a document fax, the program in which you open or create the document prints it to the fax device. When you print to a fax device, the Send Fax Wizard opens to help you send the fax.

Send a Cover Page Fax


Click the Start button, and then click Printers And Other Hardware (Home) or Printers And Faxes (Pro).


Double-click the Fax icon.


Click the File menu, click Send A Fax, and then click Next.


Type the recipient name and fax number, or click Address Book and select one.


If you typed a recipient's name, click Add to add the person to your list of fax recipients. Repeat the process to add other recipients.


To include an area or country code, click the Use Dialing Rules check box.


Click Next.


Select the Select A Cover Page Template With The Following Information check box, click the Cover Page Template list arrow, and then select a cover page.


Type the subject and notes for the fax, and then click Next.


Click the option to specify when you want to send the fax.


Click Next, preview the fax if you want, and then click Finish.



Send a Fax from a Document


Start the program and open or create the document you want to send as a fax.


Click the File menu, and then click Print.


Click the Fax printer as your printer.


Click Print.


Follow the Send A Fax Wizard instructions, specifying the following:

  • The recipient(s)

  • Cover page

  • Subject and notes

  • When to send the fax


Preview the fax, and then click Finish.



Did You Know?

You can scan and fax a document . Scan the document using a scanner, open the scanned document in a program, and then print it to the fax directly from the program.

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