Adding a Shape to the Clip Organizer

After spending time creating an object, you might want to save it for use in future presentations. You can add any object you create to the Microsoft Clip Organizer, an organized collection of clip art, pictures, videos , and sounds that come with PowerPoint. You can also find a picture in the Clip Organizer and use it as the basis for the logo for your home business. For example, you could use the basket of bread image for a home bakery.

Add Your Own Shape to the Clip Organizer


Select the drawing object you want to add to the Clip Organizer.


Click the Copy button on the Standard toolbar.


Click the Insert menu, point to Picture, and then click Clip Art.


Click Organize Clips at the bottom of the Clip Art task pane.


Click the collection folder you want to add the clip to.


Click the Edit menu in the Clip Organizer, and then click Paste.


Click the Close button to close the Microsoft Clip Organizer.



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