Adding Colors to a Presentation

In addition to the eight basic color scheme colors, PowerPoint allows you to add more colors to your presentation. More colors are additional colors that you can add to each of the toolbar button color menus ”the Font Color button menu, for example. More colors are useful when you want an object or picture to always have the same color. They are also useful when you want to change the color of an object to a specific color, but the presentation color scheme does not have that color. Colors that you add to a specific color menu appear in all color menus and remain in the menu even if the color scheme changes.

Add a Color to the Menus


Click the object whose color you want to change.


Click the Fill Color, Line Color, or Font Color button list arrow on the Drawing toolbar to change an object's color.


Click More Fill Colors, More Line Colors, or More Colors, and then select a color.

graphics/foure_icon.jpg Click OK.

The current selection is changed to the new color, plus the new color is added to the second line of color choices and is now available to use throughout the presentation.



Did You Know?

You can add colors to all color menus. Any time you add a color, PowerPoint adds it to all the color menus ”those that appear for text, shadows, bullets, background, and lines. PowerPoint "remembers" up to eight colors that you've added. If you add a ninth, it appears first on the palette, replacing the oldest.

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