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Show Me Microsoft Office Powerpoint 2003
By Steve  Johnson  Perspection, Inc.
Publisher : Que
Pub Date : September 17, 2003
ISBN : 0-7897-3009-X
Pages : 448
        Perspection, Inc.
        About The Author
        We Want To Hear From You!
        Find the Best Place to Start
        What's New
        How This Book Works
        Step-by-Step Instructions
        Real World Examples
        Troubleshooting Guide
        Show Me Live Software
        Microsoft Office Specialist
      Chapter 1.   Getting Started with PowerPoint
        Starting PowerPoint
        Viewing the PowerPoint Window
        Using Task Panes
        Choosing Menu Commands
        Working with Toolbars
        Choosing Dialog Box Options
        Choosing the Best Method to Start a Presentation
        Creating a Blank Presentation
        Creating a Presentation Using Suggested Content
        Creating a Presentation Using a Template
        Opening a Presentation
        Finding a File or Contents in a File
        Arranging Windows
        Understanding PowerPoint Views
        Browsing a Presentation
        Getting Help While You Work
        Getting Help from the Office Assistant
        Saving a Presentation
        Getting PowerPoint Updates on the Web
        Recovering a Presentation
        Detecting and Repairing Problems
        Closing a Presentation and Quitting PowerPoint
      Chapter 2.   Developing Presentation Content
        Creating New and Consistent Slides
        Working with Objects
        Developing Text
        Entering Text
        Editing Text
        Resizing Text While Typing
        Correcting Text While Typing
        Changing Text Alignment and Spacing
        Finding and Replacing Text
        Inserting Research Material
        Finding the Right Words
        Inserting and Developing an Outline
        Moving and Indenting Text
        Setting Tabs
        Formatting Text
        Modifying a Bulleted List
        AutoFormatting Text and Numbered Lists
        Creating a Text Box
        Rearranging Slides
        Using Slides from Other Presentations
      Chapter 3.   Designing a Look
        Applying a Design Template
        Making Your Presentation Look Consistent
        Viewing Masters
        Controlling Slide Appearance with Masters
        Controlling a Slide Background with Masters
        Inserting the Date, Time, and Slide Numbers
        Adding a Header and Footer
        Understanding Color Schemes
        Viewing and Choosing a Color Scheme
        Creating a Color Scheme
        Adding Colors to a Presentation
        Adding and Modifying a Slide Background
        Saving a Template
      Chapter 4.   Drawing and Modifying Shapes
        Drawing and Resizing Shapes
        Inserting AutoShapes from the Clip Gallery
        Drawing Lines and Arrows
        Creating and Editing Freeforms
        Modifying a Freeform
        Copying and Moving an Object
        Choosing Shape Colors and Fill Effects
        Applying Fill Effects
        Creating Shadows
        Aligning Objects to Grids and Guides
        Aligning and Distributing Objects
        Connecting Shapes
        Changing Stacking Order
        Adding 3-D Effects to a Shape
        Rotating and Flipping a Shape
        Grouping and Ungrouping Shapes
        Adding a Shape to the Clip Organizer
      Chapter 5.   Inserting Pictures and Multimedia
        Inserting Multimedia Clips
        Adding and Removing Clips
        Locating and Inserting Clip Art
        Organizing Clips into Categories
        Accessing Clip Art on the Web
        Inserting a Picture
        Modifying a Picture
        Recoloring a Picture
        Cropping a Picture
        Creating WordArt Text
        Modifying WordArt Text
        Applying WordArt Text Effects
        Inserting Movies and Sounds
        Recording Sounds
        Playing Movies and Sounds
      Chapter 6.   Inserting Charts and Related Material
        Sharing Information Among Documents
        Inserting a Graph Chart
        Opening an Existing Graph Chart
        Selecting Graph Data
        Importing Data
        Entering and Formatting Graph Data
        Editing Graph Data
        Modifying the Datasheet
        Selecting a Chart Type
        Formatting Chart Objects
        Choosing Advanced Graph Options
        Creating an Organization Chart
        Structuring an Organization Chart
        Formatting an Organization Chart
        Inserting a Microsoft Excel Chart
        Inserting a Microsoft Word Table
        Inserting a Table
        Formatting a Table
        Copying and Pasting Objects
        Embedding and Linking an Object
        Modifying Links
        Creating a Diagram
      Chapter 7.   Finalizing a Presentation and Its Supplements
        Creating a Summary Slide
        Working with Fonts
        Changing Page Setup Options
        Preparing Handouts
        Preparing Speaker Notes
        Customizing Notes Pages
        Changing Text to a Language
        Exporting Notes and Slides to Word
        Working with Outlines
        Saving Slides in Different Formats
        Checking Spelling
        Checking Presentation Styles
        Documenting Presentation Properties
        Previewing a Presentation
        Printing a Presentation
        Printing an Outline
      Chapter 8.   Creating a Web Presentation
        Using Web Templates
        Adding Action Buttons
        Adding Hyperlinks to Objects
        Creating Hyperlinks to External Objects
        Inserting Hyperlinks
        Using and Removing Hyperlinks
        Creating a Web Page
        Changing Web Page Options
        Opening a Web Page
        Previewing a Web Page
        Using the Web Toolbar
        Adding a Digital Signature
        Accessing Office Information on the Web
      Chapter 9.   Preparing a Slide Show
        Setting Up a Slide Show
        Creating a Custom Slide Show
        Creating Slide Transitions
        Adding Animation
        Using Specialized Animations
        Coordinating Multiple Animations
        Adding Slide Timings
        Recording a Narration
        Creating a Self-Running Presentation
      Chapter 10.   Presenting a Slide Show
        Starting a Slide Show
        Navigating a Slide Show
        Annotating a Slide Show
        Using Presenter View with Multiple Monitors
        Packaging a Presentation on CD
        Using the PowerPoint Viewer
      Chapter 11.   Reviewing and Sharing a Presentation
        Adding Comments to a Presentation
        Adding Password Protection to a Presentation
        Restricting Presentation Access
        Sending a Presentation for Review Using E-Mail
        Tracking Changes in a Presentation
        Comparing and Merging Presentations
        Broadcasting a Presentation
        Collaborating in an Online Meeting
      Chapter 12.   Working Together on Office Documents
        Viewing SharePoint Team Services
        Administering SharePoint Team Services
        Storing Documents in the Library
        Viewing Team Members
        Setting Up Alerts
        Assigning Project Tasks
        Creating an Event
        Creating Contacts
        Holding Web Discussions
        Working with Shared Workspace
        Installing Windows 2003 and SharePoint Server 2003
      Chapter 13.   Customizing the Way You Work
        Setting PowerPoint Options
        Customizing the Way You Perform Commands
        Simplifying Tasks with Macros
        Controlling a Macro
        Assigning a Macro to a Toolbar or Menu
        Customizing the Way You Create Objects
        Controlling PowerPoint with Your Voice
        Executing Voice Commands
        Dictating Text
        Handwriting Your Text
        Using Smart Tags
        Using Multiple Languages
      Microsoft Office Specialist
        About the Microsoft Office Specialist Program
        What Does This Logo Mean?
        Preparing for a Microsoft Office Specialist Exam
        Taking a Microsoft Office Specialist Exam
        Getting More Information
      New! Features
        Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003
        Aligning and arranging objects
        AutoContent Wizard
        AutoRecover and file repair
        Charts and Graphs
        Clip art
        Colors, fill effects, and shadows
        Copying, pasting, and moving
        Customize PowerPoint
        Drawing objects and pictures
        Importing and Exporting
        Languages and voice options
        Links and embedded objects
        Menus, toolbars, and task panes
        Microsoft Office Specialist
        Notes and handouts
        Reviewing changes
        Running a show
        Sharing data
        Slide design and layout
        Templates and styles
        Text boxes and text in objects
        Transitions and animations
        Web and Web publishing

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